Friday, October 30, 2009

The end of a long week

This time last week, we were all looking forward to a quiet weekend at home and a return to "normal", with all three of us at home by ourselves for the first time in what felt like a long time! The weekend did not turn out to be very relaxing, as we were hurtled back to the days of 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. wake-ups to a crying Blake. After a Saturday and Sunday of not eating, clutching at his mouth in pain, and waking up throughout the night (with the only way to get back to sleep with Mommy beside him - thank goodness we had not yet folded up the futon from Granny and Grandpa's visit), we concluded that he would not be going to nursery on Monday and would instead need a trip to the doctor.

It was only on Monday morning that I made the connection between a few little spots he had on his hands that what he had was likely the "hand, foot and mouth disease" (a childhood virus unrelated to the animal thing!). A trip to the doctor confirmed that Blake had ulcers on the roof of his mouth which accounted for the pain and the refusal to eat, and we were told to stay at home for the week while it got better. Like on any of these days where I am torn between my work as a mother and my work in my office job, I felt extremely stressed and pondered the futility of trying to achieve this balance when inevitably our child would become sick and I (or Matt) would have to drop everything at work. In the end, I know where my priorities do and must lie, so by the afternoon I was feeling a little less anxious about having to cancel all my meetings and reschedule some appointments for the next couple of days.

Matt was off to Gibraltar for a business trip on Tuesday through Thursday, so Blake and I spent a lot - a lot - of time together this week. One positive aspect was napping together in the afternoons, which I desperately needed since I was staying up until midnight working after he went to bed in the evenings. Monday he was miserable to be with, and one difficulty with these viruses and the fact that they're contagious are that it means we're limited in what we can do, even though we have all the time in the world to do it. Monday's "activity" ended up being a trip to Homebase to buy a replacement light bulb for the bathroom, where I was treated to being hit in the face (by Blake) when I had to tear him away from the artificial Christmas tree display and a stack of chocolate coins. The gratitude!

Tuesday was better and Wednesday and Thursday brought continued improvement, and he made me laugh a lot once he was feeling better. He is absolutely smitten now with the CBeebies show In the Night Garden, something his peers having been enjoying for literally months now. Up until now he just hasn't shown an interest but something has just flipped over in him and his first words this morning were "Daisy Do", indicating his affection for one of the lead characters, Upsy Daisy. Yesterday we managed a trip to Westfield, the local shopping center, and Blake got some new shoes and an ItNG dvd. His vocabulary is coming along day by day which just amazes me and makes me giggle in equal measure.

So with Matt back home and Blake seemingly healthy again, I think now we are looking forward to that quiet weekend ahead! I got a pumpkin to carve tomorrow and we'll hope to put Blake in his Halloween costume for at least a walk down the street. At the end of 7 pretty long days, I feel we definitely deserve some rest and relaxation. Let's see if we get it...!

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