Thursday, September 03, 2009

A long day

So my pervading thought throughout most of the day today was, Why do I have the most exhausting child on earth?! Now I'm sure that's not a true statement about Blake, and I'm sure many mothers also feel this way, but man, he is high-maintenance these days!
We were back, yet again, in South London, so I give him that this is not exactly the most exciting way to spend a day, but even when he was free to wander in between our viewings, did he just appreciate the situation for what it was - a chance to explore a new sidewalk, new twigs on the ground, new pieces of stuff to look for? No, he headed straight into the road (even though he knows this is off limits!), and when he wasn't doing that he was wiping his hands all over the hubcaps of the car and then wiping his hands on his face!
We went to a lovely pub near the house where I would like to live, and they kindly provided crayons and some paper for him, as well as a huge glass of orange juice with a straw. What did he do with them? - dumped the crayons all over the floor, and then kept dunking his (hubcap-grease-covered) hands in the orange juice glass. This was just the build-up to smearing his mashed potatoes all over the sides of the high chair. On the ride back he napped, so that was nice and peaceful (apart from the fact that I'm driving in the middle of London around all these curvy parts that all of a sudden in the middle lose their lane markers), but then as soon as we pulled up in front of home, he suddenly started wailing his head off. I ignored him for as long as I could but the noise was hurting my ears so I gave up and gave him a bottle.
We then went off to Queen's Park (still one of the loveliest parks I know...I am sure going to miss it if we move) and despite my saying about 5 times, "Should we go to the sandpit?", did he actually want to go to the sandpit until the very moment when I said that we needed to go home to dinner (and because of its also being only about 60 degrees out!)? Of course not, and then as he was sprinting away from me, he tripped and scuffed his palms so then proceeded to wail the whole way home. Fortunately Daddy was home then and I just handed him over (a la "Here's your son") before I went to the laundromat to dry some clothes in peace.
I am off to NYC tomorrow to celebrate Haes and Jeremy's wedding, and I'm leaving the boys at home. I am sure I will miss them desperately (first overnight without Blake) but I think my mental state will appreciate the break from times like today. No doubt Blake will be very good for his Daddy and his Granny Lyons who is coming on Saturday to help. In fact, maybe he's so smart that he acted the way he did today so that I would be ready for a break from him! I like that thought. Somehow I doubt it, though...

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