Monday, September 14, 2009

Genie, genie, genie!

It's Sunday night, just gone Monday morning, in fact, and I've just tried to calculate how many extra hours I would like in my day. I started with 6 and then upped it to 8, allocated something like: 3 extra for sleep, 1 extra for blogging, 1 extra for reading to Blake, 1 extra for general improvement of home (i.e. cleaning the bathroom), 1 extra for reading, and 1 for catching up on correspondence and long-term projects. I probably should have in there something about doing a little more work work, but I just spent a few hours on my work laptop so I'm ditching that for now. At any rate, it's all theoretical of course, but oh, how nice it would be!

Since it's been a while, here's a general update from us; I'm going to try to do more specific posts on these at some point! I spent a great weekend in NYC last weekend with the Dartmouth girls to celebrate the marriage of Hae-seon and Jeremy. We were all there apart from Beth, who had brought twins Alex and Cecily into the world the week before - after a slightly rocky couple of first days, they now all seem to be doing well, and they were not far from our thoughts the whole weekend!

Back in the UK, we had some exciting news on Wednesday in the form of an accepted offer on a house in West Dulwich/West Norwood (SE London). It was a relief to think that we might now have a plan, although there is of course a lot ahead in the process - we need to now get a survey done and hope that things don't fall through, as they could do. I have started to get really excited though at the idea of moving, discovering a new place, having a place where Blake could have a sandpit and where we could hang our laundry up outside...simple things, really!
Crucially, I also saw a nursery near the house which seems good and has spaces available, so that seems promising.

Today we went down to Tom and Lykke's to celebrate our niece Emma's 2nd birthday a few days early - we're off to Scotland for a Highland Holiday so we'll miss the actual party. Blake had fun stomping around on their wood floors and playing in Emma's toy Bob the Builder house. I waited until Emma woke up from her nap before trying to get any photos, so this was maybe not the best time for photos:

Blake also then sat on her while I was trying to get a better shot, which led her to cry profusely (I would cry too if some big brute sat on me!); Blake was very puzzled at what he'd done, which I found funny:

I finished Julie and Julia on Friday and had a few overarching thoughts - how in the h*ll did she manage to cook all those recipes (and did they have to throw a lot of food away?), and how lucky is she to have had her blog discovered?! As you know, I so often dream of spending more time on my blog (and having more interesting things to write about!). I also had never imagined that Julia Child would be so eccentric, but I'm now hoping that the local cinema the Lexi will have the movie on sometime soon.

Federer is on the tv signing autographs - my word, the second-to-the-last point in the match with Djokovic was UNBELIEVABLE! How does he do it?! I also happened to notice that Kim Clijsters' daughter Jada was born the day before Blake, and then felt like a great big cow that I can't even exercise once or twice a week let alone get fit enough to be beating Venus and Serena and about to win the US Open! Sweet Matt reminded me that tennis is Kim's job, though. That made me feel a little better. Thanks, honey.

Other thoughts/events from the week: Michelle and Adam welcomed a daughter, Jessica Elizabeth - congrats!; autumn definitely has come to London, although Saturday brought the tease of an Indian summer with beautiful sunshine and a warm breeze (today it felt cold!); Lucy and Ernesto have set a date for their wedding next year; I bought my first pair of Wellington boots today (doesn't every British citizen have a pair?!). I'm sure there are many other things that I would like to write about, but for now, I would like much more to be in bed - so with that I bid you good night.

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