Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A return to London, and a "return" to Britain

We're back from vacation - and oh, how I wish I could be back in Topsail! We had a wonderful time - at some point I'll put photos up - but on Monday it was straight back into Britain as I had my citizenship ceremony. It was a rather drawn-out affair with lots of oaths ("I promise to learn the rules of cricket," "I pledge allegiance to tea" etc) but it was nice to be welcomed in as a citizen. The "Brent dignitary" who conducted the ceremony and handed out the certificates said to me when he saw I was from the US, "Welcome back!"
There were 12 nationalities represented by the 23 of us who were naturalised on the day: Afganistan, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Iraq, Jamaica, Somalia, Sudan, USA and I think Pakistan and Israel. We got a nice bronze medal and a certificate, and Matt was the hero of the day as he chased Blake around the Brent Town Hall for over an hour while we waited for things to start. During the ceremony, Blake was pretty quiet and didn't cause a disruption, so that was a result. Tonight, however, has been a different story, as jet lag seems to have hit the little guy pretty hard and he is having a bad time going to sleep (it's a return to the old days, and not a nice walk down memory lane!)
I should also say for anyone who wasn't sure, I've kept my American citizenship, and when asked, I will always say I'm American - because that's what I am and always will be!

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Lucy said...

Hey Meg,

Greetings from Pakistan, and lovely to get your update! Glad you had a good time back in Topsail, and congrats on passing the tea-drinking test ;)

South London isn't so bad - come and join us pleaaassse! Heidi and me can do babysitting and everything...