Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A preview of beach photos

When we came back on Sunday, it was a pretty abrupt reality check - 4 voicemails from our estate agent asking us for an update on our status. Uh, our status? Jet-lagged and not ready to think about this - is that the answer you're looking for?
At any rate, we've spent Sunday night, last night and tonight thinking about property and where we can go...we're considering South London since there doesn't seem to be much in our area - the basic problem is that there is just not that much for sale at the moment...making it kind of tricky! If I don't do as good a job on the blog in the coming days and weeks, it's probably b/c I'm trying to find us a home, but patient readers will be more than welcome to come visit if we do find something!
In the meantime until I can deal with the beach pictures, here is a cute one of Blake.

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Marisa said...

If you need to vent, please let me know. We sold and are now happily living in our temporary/permanent apartment. It's not so bad, really, I must say. Not that I really want to do this forever but it's kind of nice not owning anything for the moment....