Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cooling off

Today was a hot day in London, the kind that isn't very nice if you have to be on the bus or tube (as I had to be). Perhaps that was why Blake enjoyed his bath tonight, although I think it had more to do with Daddy entertaining him through tickling. I tried to preserve his modesty in this video but failed midway through!
p.s. It is very British to complain about heat - I'm a bit worried about myself...
In terms of this blog title, we also have a little issue on our hands related to our "barracuda boy". Blake can one instant be very loveable and want to hug or cuddle, and the next millisecond be headed for the jugular (or usually the closest area of flesh, never actually the real jugular). I am trying a few things but the latest I am aiming for is the "non-reaction", which is sometimes hard b/c his teeth hurt! I hope this is just a passing phase, although he himself got a little love bite at nursery today. Apparently at nursery he just cries though and doesn't bite back, which is good (I guess?). I'm sure like everything, as my Mom would say, this too shall pass!

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