Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why not to go in the loft

So last night I had to make an expedition into our loft, to find a selection of "summer clothes" which had mysteriously disappeared, in anticipation of our trip to the beach on Friday. I had looked a week or so ago at the initial layer of detritus which exists in our loft, but I didn't see this collection of clothes in the tubs and suitcases where I thought they might be, so I had to plan an evening to take up a flashlight and really investigate the disappearance. You might be asking why I'm looking for summer clothes at the end of July, to which I would reply, check the weather for London for this past month, and you'll find that most people would probably have preferred to wear wool sweaters or be wrapped in fleece blankets. Anyway, that's a different story. If I told you that most of these summer clothes were bought in the summer of 2006, you may also have a chuckle to yourself about the absurd notion that I could even fit into most of this anymore, and I think I may just have to grant you that - I'm not sure much of it will fit, to be honest. But I had to at least locate the clothes before being able to test that theory.
So flashlight in hand, I ventured up the ladder, and as soon as I got up there I thought to myself, What a load of crap we have up here! There are nearly a dozen huge cardboard boxes which have not even been folded down, as well as probably two dozen that have been folded flat - perhaps in anticipation of our packing up our stuff someday. There are paint cans, an office chair, tubs of costume party clothing, Christmas decorations spilling out of their boxes, table legs, a spare vacuum cleaner (why we have a spare when we hardly use our main one very often is beyond me), spare parts to God-knows-what, about a dozen suitcases of all varieties - hard, soft, big, small, an entire suitcase full of bubble wrap; Matt's wetsuit, a Moses Basket, Blake's baby clothes, a spare trash can (?), extra boards and extra tiles, and the list could go on. After about 15 minutes trying to make heads or tails over what everything was, I finally did locate my tub of clothes (nicely labelled "Meg - Summer Clothes"). Coming down out of the loft was the best feeling, and I have to say that I really dread the thought of moving and having to decide what we do with much of that stuff. For another day...!

In terms of moving, not much has happened since last week. We still haven't yet seen anything in particular for us to go to, so I think we're planning on taking our break to the US and then coming back with hopes that there will be more properties on the market. At least I do know that if we need to pack things up to move, we have some boxes to start filling. I think I'll be sending Matt up to get them when the time comes.

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