Saturday, July 25, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

Thursday was quite a big day on several fronts: I received a letter informing me that my application for British citizenship had been approved; I now have to attend a citizenship ceremony on August 10th before it's official. In the meantime, I am wondering if I should go all out and wear a hat for the occasion...?! Stay tuned for an invite for a fancy dress party to celebrate, "Britain" will be the theme.
I also had a fantastic realization, when faced with the news on Wednesday night that our fridge had pretty much kicked the bucket, that our local supermarket has a great cafe where they do kids' meals. Here is Blake enjoying his first-ever juice box!

We also got an offer - well, 3 offers - on our flat, one of which we accepted on Friday. We will now really need to turn up the search for somewhere to go. Right now it does not seem like there is much on the market so we have to hope that changes and that more people decide to sell, and that something is within our budget. At least now we can relax about keeping our place so tidy for viewings.
In the evening as I was headed out to book club at Sydenham Studios (Lucy and Ernesto's), there was a massive rain storm - pelting rain, wind, dark as night outside - but by the time I was halfway to the tube there then appeared a double rainbow. Perhaps a sign of good things to come, I hope!

In the meantime, our attempt to repair our fridge resulted in throwing £50 down the drain as what the man suggested did not work, so we've ordered a new one to arrive tomorrow. Not exactly the birthday present of my dreams, but it will be nice to have a working refrigerator again.

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