Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doug and Annlou get married

We spent Saturday at the wonderful wedding of Chris's brother Dr. Doug, and his lovely "Angel of the North" Annlouise. On the train there, I realised that although I had brought my camera, I had forgotten to put the fully-charged battery in said camera, so sadly I cannot bring you any pictures of the event.
Doug and Annlou looked amazingly happy and everyone had a good time despite the return of the real British summer weather. It is a sign of the times - old age and fatigue - that at the reception, I did not partake of two of my favorite activities: dancing and karaoke...and they had both! As it was I was not going wild with the booze because I feared an early wake-up this morning, and my cautious attitude was a good thing since Blake woke up at FIVE TWENTY and didn't really go back to sleep. Ugh.
Granny Lyons was here babysitting and she did a great job with Blake, despite his tantrums about going into his stroller and his being a little distressed when he woke up from his nap to find us gone. She cleverly entertained him with the contents of her handbag and then today he managed to convince her he could be responsible with her sunglasses, which to be fair to him, managed to stay intact.

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