Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Blake

Has it really been a week since I last made a post (no doubt Granny Karla will say, Yes, where have you been?!)
We went on Thursday back to the Princess Diana playground, which Blake really likes. He also likes catching up with his friend Maddie, although as soon as he remembers the water fountain at the Diana playground there is no socializing to be done - it's just him and the fountain that matter!
Saturday we went to a birthday party of an "older girl" at nursery - her 3rd birthday so Blake is "in with" the older crowd.
And then finally on Sunday we headed up to Granny Lyons' for a day visiting with Tom, Lykke and cousin Emma, as well as Matt's cousin Robert and his fiancee Kelvia who were visiting from the Lone Star State. Blake enjoyed playing in the garden, making some interesting music on the piano, and discovering an electric screwdriver (without the dangerous part!). The new obsession, however, is really the little 3-wheeled scooter...he just sees them and wants to ride them!
Somewhere in there was a bit of sleep, but still not enough. We also put our flat on the market last Monday and have therefore have to live in a land of tidyness for the estate agent to show it. The good news is that we had an offer - which we haven't accepted - but it's still nice to think that the market might be picking up. Of course we don't quite know what we'll do if we do get the asking price for our flat, since we haven't yet seen anything within budget for us to go to. For now, I think we're just waiting and seeing what happens...
So, a busy - and fairly stressful - week. We are now starting to count down the days til we go to Topsail and have a BREAK!
Blake - July 09

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