Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July!

We were down at Jamie and Diane's last Saturday, to celebrate Jamie's and Adam's birthdays (as Jamie says, we're all now "in our thirties," which is easier to remember than our actual ages.) The rain stayed away and Jamie was busy at the bbq while the rest of us chased the kids around, chased down by Pimms and beers. I then led a VERY reluctant crowd at attempting to sing some US patriotic songs ("for Blake's benefit, to honor half his heritage"). I'm sure people would have participated more enthusiastically if only it weren't singing. Here are some lowlights:

Blake was not 100% as he had a cold and cough, but he still had fun copying Sam Stafford-Binns; they spent nearly half an hour sitting, jumping and standing on the futon in the "Outbuilding" and playing with Blake's new toy stroller.

We got to meet the very adorable Arthur Marshall, little bro of the now very grown-up Charlie. It was one of those days where I feel like I actually didn't really speak to anyone, but rather spent the day running around in circles and dealing with one thing or another. Still good fun of course!
Blake treated us to a wake-up call at around midnight, and for some reason then decided that the next hour was the energy equivalent of 2:00 pm - he was bouncing all over the bed, laughing and not expressing any interest in sleeping whatsover. We finally got him back to sleep but thus began the sleep deficit that has plagued us all week.
The next day we went for a walk on Horsell Common and it made us pine to live somewhere with woods to walk in. As you can see from one of these photos, William found it all a bit tiring so had to take a nap right in the middle of the walk.
Jamie then made a paella on the bbq, which was new to us, but very tasty! (CP: he didn't have all your exciting shellfish, so I can't really make comparisons!). And then all of a sudden, it was Monday morning again...why do they come around so soon?!

4th of July

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