Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not a sports car, but...

Rumor has it when men have their mid-life crises, they gravitate toward flashy sports cars. I spent an insane amount of money today on skincare products so I'm wondering if this is the manifestation of my fear of old age! It all started very innocently, with a quick trip to the popular UK pharmacy Boots at lunch. I needed some lipstick, and unable to remember what the latest one I had was, I headed toward the ever-reliable Clinique counter. I should quickly add that the Boots branch at Liverpool Street Station at lunch is absolutely crammed with "City women", who happened today to all appear to be very young (by that I mean mid-twenties!). Usually it seems there are at least a few haggard-looking women like me trying to buy essentials, things like deodorant or dental floss. Today it just seemed like everyone was 25 and stocking up on everything for a perfect beach holiday to Ibiza.
So a nice lady helped me with a new shade of lipstick - Toasted Rose...made me think for some reason of Smores (I hadn't yet eaten even though this was my lunch hour!) Anyway, as she was applying the lipstick with those little Q-tips they use which always make the lipstick look much better than when you apply it yourself, she casually asked what I did for skincare. I giggled. "Skincare? You mean, like soap and moisturizer?" She nodded. I giggled again, knowing that my answer was probably not going to be with satisfaction. "Well, I usually just use shower gel in the morning." "You don't use shower gel on your face?!" was her reply. I nodded. I hadn't even gotten to the part about not washing my face before bed, so I just giggled again and start her questioning: "So, after you use the shower gel (tut tut), does your skin feel tight?" "Um, maybe, but then I just put some moisturizer on and it feels ok". There were a few questions about my pores and where I thought I had any "problem areas" with "lines" and then we were on to the demonstration (of which my hands were the recipient, and specifically my right hand was the lucky recipient of the 3-step system). Anyway, either she was a very good saleswoman or I really know deep down that my skincare routine could be better, but the end result was that I bought the facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturiser which she promised me would make my skin look and feel better in just two weeks. As I was paying, I had a sudden thought, which I happened to utter out loud. It was about whether I actually had this stuff already at home (in my "toiletry collection which gathers dust in the plastic tub under my bed"), to which she shook her head and told me she was going to be very sad if I didn't use it since "it was going to make such an amazing difference." Anyway, money paid, free gift received (I am very proud to say I took the free gift and plastic tote bag back to the office and gave it to a colleague as it was all definitely in the "useless stuff" category which ends up in a tub or a box or a drawer, never used, and which Matt hates). I felt like I was going to look good in a mere two weeks - my skin would, at least.
I got back to the office. Where was my lipstick?! After all that, the very thing I went in for didn't get rung up! (That made the price of the other stuff all the more crazy as I had at least thought the lipstick had been in that total).
Matt kindly did the good husband thing when I relayed this story and told me I didn't need to make myself look better, but I am looking forward to my face looking and feeling fantastic in two weeks! Maybe if it works, I'll go back in for an update to my makeup. Surely it's all still cheaper than a sports car...

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