Saturday, June 06, 2009

The joy of a "nothing on" weekend

Yesterday at work someone asked me if I was doing anything nice for the weekend; my answer was, "Yes! Nothing!" It has felt as if we have been pretty busy the past couple of Saturdays and Sundays, and for a change we have an empty calendar for yesterday evening, today, and tomorrow. Matt took advantage of 4 movies for £10 from Blockbuster, so we watched Quantam of Solace last night (after watching England's embarrassing defeat by the Netherlands - not exactly a giant in the cricketing world). Daniel Craig did not impress me as much as he did in Casino Royale, perhaps because the action took place in the city and the desert as opposed to on the beach? Today I managed to get to the post office by noon in order to get some things off in the mail. Our local post office is run like a dinner line at a prison - "Next one" the lady barks - and last week I went to mail a package half an hour before they closed but was told they couldn't take it because the postman had already come to collect the packages. When I tried to protest, she was having none of it.
We also have rented Milk, The Reader, and Australia, but whether we will get through all of those by Tuesday is uncertain.
I finally spoke to Mom in Clinton after literally about 30 attempts over the past week. Turns out the ringer to the phone was off and this only became clear when Dad remarked to Mom that in fact, nobody had phoned them in the week+ since they'd been there. It is sad not to be in Clinton this year but hopefully next year we will get to go.
Other than that, I guess there is not much to report. We're watching more of the 20-20 World Cup today, will probably watch England-Kazakhstan later today, and maybe the French Open final tomorrow. A nice quiet weekend full of sports on tv...perfect!

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