Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another weekend away

As my Mom joked tonight, if we just go visiting people on the weekends, we don't need a garden of our own! We headed to Bristol this weekend to see Russ and Caroline (+ bump). They are doing well and we enjoyed catching up for the first time since the Christmas, time flies. We went into Clifton, which remains one of places I would most like to live in the UK...all those cute shops full of things I can't afford, delis and restaurants with great-looking food, pubs with local West Country cider (for all those times when we can just head down to the pub...erm, yeah). After lunch, we met up with one of their friends and her 21-month old son and had a good time in the playground and then admiring the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Blake was very brave - or has a very, very short memory - and went right back up a slide that he fell backwards down only seconds earlier. Ah, the bumps and bruises we have ahead as the parents of a b-o-y.
Caroline made a great lasagne for dinner - she seemed to whip it up rather magically - and then we called it an early night.
Blake's gift to Matt for Father's Day was a 6:15 wakeup this morning...ugh. I got up and played with Blake for an hour before I had to slink back to bed, at which point Matt was willing to wake up. After a lazy morning (Blake only managed to break one vase and disrupt Spike and Buffy's -Russ and Caroline's cats - food bowls several times), we went to Portishead for a walk along the marina. It was a lovely weekend and I have to say that I really don't want it to be Monday already!! The flat seems to be in a rather chaotic state and I had cereal again for dinner...we seem not to have been to the store for ages. The week ahead looks pretty busy but for now, I guess it is still Sunday so I may enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend...although 6:15 came pretty early this morning so I feel rather sapped of creative energy and may just go to bed!
Pics below (full selection is mainly for Grannies' benefits! - please skim ahead if you are bored by them!)

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