Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bank Holiday write-up

We had a long weekend and headed down to Woolacombe in Devon, where we were treated to 2 days of glorious sunshine - somewhat unheard of for a long weekend in Britain. Of course glorious sunshine and a small child whose skin is nearly translucent and who does not tolerate a hat on his head made for an interesting time for Mommy...I think I spent the entire day on Sunday applying sunscreen and then watching as Blake tumbled around in the sand leaving himself covered in sticky grit. It was nice to get some sea air and observe "Britons at the beach". I'm always intrigued by the need to have these wind shields which many people set up to keep the blustering sea air at bay.
I took a somewhat pessimistic view toward the weather when packing and therefore wound up with only a pair of jeans and a pair of linen trousers, along with several sweaters and long-sleeve t-shirts. I basically looked like someone who had never ever been to the beach before!
Matt rented a swell board and managed to fit into his wetsuit (play-by-play photos included); I think he caught one or two waves which was a result.
Terri had organised the weekend and she and Duncan (along with Terri's sis Jo, her beau Andy, and Terri's niece Isabelle) were very tolerant of our limited nightlife ability, which for us was restricted to the hotel bar/dance floor until we took Blake back to the room to sleep. We did get in some good games of pool where I proved that I am absolutely awful at the game.
Photos below...I need to get better at shooting in bright daylight as some of these are blurry from having my aperture too big. Oh well...hopefully they capture the essence of it...

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