Friday, May 29, 2009

Lucky #7

Tooth #7 arrived sometime either yesterday or's the bottom one on the right and I'll try to get a photo of it. I think number 8 is not too far behind, and there's been a lot of thumb action toward the back of the mouth so the molars might not be far behind at this point.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The end of an ERa

I just watched the series finale of ER...I'm sure I have seen series finales in the past, but I just don't remember them. At any rate, I sure am sad to see the end of that show. So amazing. An extra hour in the week is also great, although I'm already thinking about finally breaking the plastic wrap on the dvd box set of series 3 of Grey's Anatomy, which I haven't watched since I was pregnant. Ibelieve series 5 just finished so I am just a little bit behind!
I think my favorite part of tonight's show was hearing Dr. Benton laugh when he saw Elizabeth Corday's enormous rental car...he was always so serious back when he was in the ER so I found that to be a fantastic moment. And of course I shed quite a few weekly cathartic television show of the past decade will be hard to replace.

Bank Holiday write-up

We had a long weekend and headed down to Woolacombe in Devon, where we were treated to 2 days of glorious sunshine - somewhat unheard of for a long weekend in Britain. Of course glorious sunshine and a small child whose skin is nearly translucent and who does not tolerate a hat on his head made for an interesting time for Mommy...I think I spent the entire day on Sunday applying sunscreen and then watching as Blake tumbled around in the sand leaving himself covered in sticky grit. It was nice to get some sea air and observe "Britons at the beach". I'm always intrigued by the need to have these wind shields which many people set up to keep the blustering sea air at bay.
I took a somewhat pessimistic view toward the weather when packing and therefore wound up with only a pair of jeans and a pair of linen trousers, along with several sweaters and long-sleeve t-shirts. I basically looked like someone who had never ever been to the beach before!
Matt rented a swell board and managed to fit into his wetsuit (play-by-play photos included); I think he caught one or two waves which was a result.
Terri had organised the weekend and she and Duncan (along with Terri's sis Jo, her beau Andy, and Terri's niece Isabelle) were very tolerant of our limited nightlife ability, which for us was restricted to the hotel bar/dance floor until we took Blake back to the room to sleep. We did get in some good games of pool where I proved that I am absolutely awful at the game.
Photos below...I need to get better at shooting in bright daylight as some of these are blurry from having my aperture too big. Oh well...hopefully they capture the essence of it...

First "school" photo

Last week they took photos at the school where Blake goes to nursery. I tried to make sure he looked "smart". He then came home later that day covered in tomato soup, and I've yet to see whether the photos were before or after lunch...!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Granny time!

Blake was spoiled on Wednesday by not one, but two, Grannies, as Granny Lyons came to London to help Granny Karla with babysitting duties. They had a good time out at the park and the tag-team approach was much appreciated. Fortunately Blake was back at nursery on Friday and seems to be at the end of the c pox. He seemed pretty happy to be back at nursery!

This is the face Blake makes when he thinks he hears a plane...

Very used to the Master of the House role of the past 2 weeks...

Wedding news exclusive

DwL nabbed an exclusive interview with the newly-engaged Cindy Bellefeuille, who was on a fly-by trip to London on Thursday. Cindy's beau John (D'93) asked her to be his bride last weekend on a trip to Hanover, just after she had taken to the field with the DWRC in the alumnae game for the 30th anniversary of the club. Very exciting-congratulations!

We had to get Blake to move so we could see the stunning ring...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day (US)

Cost of emergency childcare through a professional agency for 2 days = £430
Cost of a US Airways flight from Charlotte, NC to London on 2 days' notice = less than that, by quite a lot
Having Granny Karla arrive on your doorstep on Mothers' Day = priceless

Had that Mastercard-like thought brewing in my head for a few days now, and had to get it out!

At any rate, Granny Karla landed on UK soil this morning, having booked a trip on Thursday to help us out a little with watching Blake this week. In truth, I think she was more than happy for an excuse to come over and it will be a fun week for us to be together.
And what better way to celebrate Mothers' Day...

Day 5 of the pox, and Sajni comes to visit

Day 5 of the chickenpox and the spots were looking quite bad, especially the big one around his eye which seems to have maybe caused a bruise. How sad...
Sajni came for lunch and was a huge distraction from the boredom of the flat. She kept Blake very entertained and they played hide-and-seek all over the flat. We went out for a run-around in the park and it was nice to get some fresh air.

It's not exactly Like a Prayer quality

But here is some footage of Blake "dancing" to Jamelia's Superstar. Quite the mover and shaker apart from being rather stiff at times. I asked Matt whether this is the result of father-son teaching activity but Matt claims nursery must have taught him!

The dangers of bouncy balls in a first floor flat

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Terri Penn!

Sorry we can't make it down to your picnic party today, but we hope you are having a most excellent birthday!

Here are Terri and Blake dancing to "Night Fever" at our Christmas lunch back in's quite obvious that TP has a bit more rhythm than B!

Day 4...not so much fun

Day 4 of the chickenpox broke, and today was a different matter - Blake was not in a good mood! I took vacation in the morning and then worked from home in the afternoon...what an exhausting day that was. Anytime I think to myself, "Today is the longest day of my life," I remind myself that that's probably not true (I'm sure that have been worse ones or that there may be worse to come in the future). Anyway, the spots definitely looked pretty horrible today, especially this massive one right by his eye, which because it made his eye a bit swollen and discolored kept reminding me of a cartoon dog. Unfortunately there seemed to be new ones today as well, which prolongs the road to recovery. Blake was generally pretty grumbly and didn't want to eat much and by about 10:00 am I was asking myself if it was too early for a glass of wine! (It was, by the way, I waited til 6:00 pm for a cool glass of white Alsace).

Hopefully we will turn the bend soon and get this behind us. Although he is of course still very handsome, surely even he would agree that he's not looking his best with these spots. And it's also interesting I guess that he probably won't remember having them. I had chickenpox when I was 5 or 6 and definitely remember [nb for readers in the US, the UK does not vaccinate against chickenpox like the US does]. So with that, have a great weekend everyone...see you here next week.

Happy in the bath once Daddy was home...a nice change of scenery from Mommy!

Day 3 with the 'pox

Day 3 of chickenpox (Thursday) was not too bad. Thursday is my usual day off and Blake and I enjoyed a fairly normal day; it didn't seem that his case of chickenpox was too bad and he didn't seem overly upset by itching.
p.s. there is a stray piece of rice cake below B's lip that may confuse you or look particularly unusual...but it's rice cake, not a chickenpox spot!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

And then, out of nowhere...

...chickenpox! At least, we think it is. Although when what we thought were the measles turned out not to be the measles, now I am less certain about the diagnosis techniques at our doctor's office!

Blake seems very chipper despite the spots, and he doesn't seem to have all that many, so maybe it's just a mild case.

Laughing in the face of adversity...

You mean these won't come off in the bath...?

May Day = New Year

The Procrastinator's Motto is "Why do today, what you can put off tomorrow." (I don't know if this is official, but it sounds like it could be, at least). For all my good qualities, I have always been a procrastinator, and that is not one of them.
As well, I'm sure in some culture, somewhere in the world, their New Year starts in May.
So it was on Saturday that I woke up and felt that 5 months into the year, I was having a bit of a New Year's epiphany. I was sick of having my stagnant "To Do" list, I was finally pragmatically perturbed at making a charitable monthly contribution to "my" gym, and in a somewhat dramatic and maudlin line of thinking, I did not want anything to happen to me before I finished Blake's baby book for fear of him not having it when he's grown up. The fact that we had an extra day in the weekend made it easier, but I decided Saturday morning to try to just try to GET MORE DONE! Why do I nap, when I could write my blog or organize photo albums; why do I sit and stare out the window when I could be cleaning or clearing out my wardrobe; why do I go to the kitchen for a snack when I could be trying to shed the spare tire around my waist?! (nb: these are hypothetical questions and I was trying to tell that little voice in my head that says, "go have a nap, go have a snack" to be quiet for once).
With that I headed off to the kitchen...not to eat, but to clean! I did that, and then the next day I even went so far as cleaning the refrigerator! The big development is that I have now gone to the gym twice in 3 days! (the fact that I was able to walk the next morning was rather astonishing to me).
After my initial burst of enthusiasm, I have to say I have fallen off the pace a bit. But, hey, it's a start, and I look forward to a time when I can sit and daydream out the window because of not having anything else to do...! Ha!

Happy Birthday Chris!

We just had a long weekend, with our first May Bank Holiday on Monday. Saturday was also the birthday of "Mr. May Bank Holiday", Christopher Pendse. Chris and Anna fired up the bbq on Saturday night and everyone was treated to some very delicious burgers.

Chris, in true celebrity fashion, was initially reluctant to have his photo taken (despite DwL offering £1,000,000 for exclusive birthday shots)...

but then finally we persuaded him to emerge and blow out his candles. He had this to say about turning another year older...

Meeting Ruben Garrard

I met up with my colleague (and in what seems like another lifetime, fellow party animal) Catherine Allison on Thursday, and met her newest arrival, son Ruben. He is very sweet and reminds me of both Catherine and Andy. We fed some ducks at Alexandra Palace and I spent a fair amount of time making sure Blake didn't wander into the duck pond...

Scarlet Anderson

We woke up Saturday morning with an email from Will announcing the birth of their daughter, Scarlet, on Friday. Raina had an amazing-sounding labour and birth and everyone looks like they're doing well. Scarlet looks beautiful...congratulations!

Photo courtesy of proud Grandmother Prue

Friday, May 01, 2009

Tooth #6 has arrived!

I think it has been at least 4 months since we had a new tooth spring onto the scene, but finally yesterday #6 popped through. We are looking forward to the long weekend as it seems like it was a long week. We've all felt a bit under-the-weather although we are not jumping to any swine flu conclusions.

Happy Birthday to Granny Lyons today!