Monday, April 20, 2009

Where, oh where, does time go?

Loyal DwL readers will not have failed to notice that there is very little happening on the blogging front. I sometimes think back on that last evening before I went back to work, when I went on my maniacal blogging spree, and know that I did that for a reason...I think I did know that once I was back at work, the amount of time available for writing - and free space in my brain for creativity - would dwindle. Unfortunately I didn't expect it would dwindle so significantly and trickle down to...well, almost nothing.
I don't actually know if we really are busy, or whether we are just excellent bystanders in the game called The Passage of Time, (and I guess I have always known I can be a stellar time-waster) but this morning, rushing back from dropping Blake off at nursery, I had a sensation that I had just done this...and in fact, it had been a week since I had made that same journey. Where had an entire week gone? A whole 7 days, 168 hours...and what do I have to show for it? For one, my hair is longer - in a bad way - and I need to book in for a haircut but can't seem to figure out when to do it. My eyebrows too, they need a visit to the genius ladies at Queen's Park Beauty who seem to inflict a lot of pain but leave my brows looking temporarily very ruby-colored but very neat. I read a book, that was progress - American Wife, a fictitious take on the life of Laura Bush. Quite good, I'd recommend it, whether you voted for W or not. I also tried to catch up on some laundry and correspondence (some readers may receive Christmas thank-you notes sometime soon...yes, I know Christmas and Easter are different are in fact receiving the Christmas thank-you note!).
What I didn't do was clean the flat, find us a brilliant place to live with a large but affordable house to buy, organize my wardrobe, or any of the number of things that I really really should do at some point.
The good news is, spring has arrived, at least for this week, and it's amazing what a little sunshine can do for one's spirits. With the re-appearance of the sun, I think it's high time I figured out to get through some of the things on my To-Do list so that when we want to go outside, we have no reason to stay in. Wishful thinking, I'm sure. I'll see you in the park...

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