Monday, April 20, 2009

Where, oh where, does time go?

Loyal DwL readers will not have failed to notice that there is very little happening on the blogging front. I sometimes think back on that last evening before I went back to work, when I went on my maniacal blogging spree, and know that I did that for a reason...I think I did know that once I was back at work, the amount of time available for writing - and free space in my brain for creativity - would dwindle. Unfortunately I didn't expect it would dwindle so significantly and trickle down to...well, almost nothing.
I don't actually know if we really are busy, or whether we are just excellent bystanders in the game called The Passage of Time, (and I guess I have always known I can be a stellar time-waster) but this morning, rushing back from dropping Blake off at nursery, I had a sensation that I had just done this...and in fact, it had been a week since I had made that same journey. Where had an entire week gone? A whole 7 days, 168 hours...and what do I have to show for it? For one, my hair is longer - in a bad way - and I need to book in for a haircut but can't seem to figure out when to do it. My eyebrows too, they need a visit to the genius ladies at Queen's Park Beauty who seem to inflict a lot of pain but leave my brows looking temporarily very ruby-colored but very neat. I read a book, that was progress - American Wife, a fictitious take on the life of Laura Bush. Quite good, I'd recommend it, whether you voted for W or not. I also tried to catch up on some laundry and correspondence (some readers may receive Christmas thank-you notes sometime soon...yes, I know Christmas and Easter are different are in fact receiving the Christmas thank-you note!).
What I didn't do was clean the flat, find us a brilliant place to live with a large but affordable house to buy, organize my wardrobe, or any of the number of things that I really really should do at some point.
The good news is, spring has arrived, at least for this week, and it's amazing what a little sunshine can do for one's spirits. With the re-appearance of the sun, I think it's high time I figured out to get through some of the things on my To-Do list so that when we want to go outside, we have no reason to stay in. Wishful thinking, I'm sure. I'll see you in the park...

Meeting William Henry Cook!

We had the pleasure of meeting William Cook, who is two weeks old tomorrow, this past Saturday. He is a very sweet, handsome and good-natured little guy (although Diane reports he has an aversion to Camembert...a (half)Frenchman not liking stinky cheese?!)
Jamie and Diane have mastered the art of parenting and seem to be handling the steep learning curve involved with having a newborn with grace and patience. It was incredible to think that Blake was once that tiny...he just seems like a huge, rambunctious little boy in comparison.
Here are the proud parents and young Master Cook...

And here is Blake not cooperating for a group shot...

Spring photos

There are quite a few photos here, from a day in Queen's Park and then Easter at Granny Lyons' house, where Blake helped out in the garden (the last photo is of him tasting the dirt from one of her planted pots...don't think he'll try that again anytime soon!). We have enjoyed some nice spells of sunshine here in London which has been lovely! We have discovered the sand play area in Queen's Park, which has translated to sand play in our flat as we seem to bring about half the sand inside with us. Still, it's a really nice little area and Blake can now go on the slides which he enjoys. He tries to eat the sand too, but we don't have any photos of that...
Spring 09 - Queen's Park and Easter

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

UNC wins National Championship!

The Tarheels reign surpreme in the NCAA basketball world!

Here is Blake doing an impression of that most famous Tarheel, Michael Jordan...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spring blossoms and anarchists

I worked from home today because of the potential disruption to the City and to public transport by the G20 protestors. I was amazed at about 12:00 noon to see that the tree outside the window had begun to blossom in the several hours since I noticed the state of the buds this morning at 9:00 am. Incredible how spring all of a sudden just seems to arrive! Incidentally we think that Blake has now begun to say "tree" - although it comes out "tee". So far, apart from one unconfirmed report by Granny Karla that he said "book", this is the limit of his identifiable verbal capabilities. He does do a lot of babbling and certainly a lot of walking, so his brain and body are both very active indeed. He also seems to be waking up earlier in the morning, which is a little less exciting! Once again I just thank my lucky stars again for having gone with the Lin program...
As usual on a Wednesday evening, I start to look forward not only to Thursday and a day off with Blake, but also to the weekend which seems close enough to touch. Saturday I will be rooting for my beloved UNC Tarheels in the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament. Two more wins and the 'Heels are National Champs!
A milestone last week which I forgot to report was that on Friday when I dropped Blake off at nursery, for the first time ever I was able to get away without having to hear him cry at my leaving. He was the first one in so he basically seemed to be lost in wonder at having the whole toddler room to himself, so I made a quick getaway. Today I could barely get his coat on to leave; he seemed to just want to show me all the toys and help Lisa tidy up the Legos. Need to get him doing that at home now!
Here are a few pics. Sometimes I see a photo and think he looks like a big, little boy instead of a baby. Amazing how in a few hours it can seem like winter becomes spring, and in the blink of an eye an infant becomes a little person.