Friday, February 13, 2009


Never can I remember being so happy to see the end of a week! After what has felt like an impossibly long 2nd week back at work, we reached the end of it with our bodies, minds, and senses of humor intact! Blake is looking so much better - his rash seems to be fading pretty quickly on his body and face, so maybe we'll find out that it wasn't measles after all. Mom reminded me that rubella comes from the Latin for "little red", so maybe it will be that, or maybe, neither of the two! He is definitely doing fine fine fine though, and even took an incredible sequence of about 4 or 5 mini steps that he was totally unaware of. He had two phones in his hand and was trying to get another one that I had in my hand about a foot away from where he was standing, so he just went for it before probably even realizing what he was doing. Won't be long now til he does understand the concept...
So, on this Friday evening, I am feeling relieved and grateful, exhausted and energized. We have weathered a slightly unpredictable course this week, but we made it through. Reading that line again, I'm sure I mixed some metaphors there, but I am not going to go look up what the actual phrases are! Happy Friday - have a great weekend, and let's hope that next week can please be a bit more normal!!!

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