Thursday, February 19, 2009

The joy of blogging

I've missed my blog these past few days. Life just seemed to take over, and I had no time or energy to come home, turn on the computer, and write. I also didn't seem to have much interesting to write about, but I guess by now my loyal audience knows not to expect much in the way of interesting content!
So, anyway, here I am. The good news on the homefront is that Blake is doing just fine and seems totally over whatever it was that he caught (I haven't had the test results back, but I will be surprised if it wasn't measles). He went back to nursery yesterday and they reported that he seemed more settled than before he was away! I guess he perhaps appreciated anew the fact that he was with other kids and doing fun things all day? Or he was just relieved to get out of the flat and out from under the repressive presence of Mommy and Daddy?! Anyway, that was definitely a result. I've also felt more settled at work this week; being in the office has made me feel much more connected to my job. Apart from some annoying commutes, things are going well. Today was Thursday, the day that I've affectionately called "the day I work my unpaid job." Blake and I went off to explore a new children's centre on Okehampton Road, a 5-minute walk from the flat. We met up with lots of our friends whom we had missed over the past couple of weeks! The place was really lovely, with brand-new toys and equipment, and they even passed out fruit to the kids which was a fantastic and unexpected treat. My friend Abby had brought a banana for her daughter Alice, and Blake and his friend Eva turned vultures when the banana came out. They had eaten oranges, kiwi and plum but decided they had to have more. It was hilarious!

The crowd gathers...

Alice thinks, "Hey, that was my banana!!"

Abby feels like she has a loaf of bread among a crowd of pigeons...Blake and Eva wonder if there is perhaps more hidden in Abby's pockets...

Could it be love, or are they just fighting over that last piece of plum?

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