Sunday, February 01, 2009

How I spent my last day of leave

Friday went by far too quickly. My To Do list is still rather long (based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I hope this simply means that nothing on it is urgent or important), but I did manage to do one or two enjoyable things mixed in with two activities that were less than pleasant. I started off at Kensal Rise's Gorgeous salon getting a cut and highlights. Under the heat machine with my head wrapped in tin foil, the newest copy of Marie Claire in my hands, for 20 minutes I felt like I had been swept away to some tropical destination. My cheeks grew rosy and like the lines on Courtney Cox Arquette's forehead after Botox (I was reading an interview with her), all my cares melted away. I chatted about this season of ER with the lady doing the highlights and compared notes on the last Madonna concert with the guy doing the cut. It was a nice way to start the day. Fun factor: 7
Then, my good mood was tested rather harshly by a visit to the dentist, where I had to have two fillings. After about forty minutes, I thought that I might have had lockjaw but I was feeling buoyed by a sense that the work was almost done. Sure enough, it was about that time when the dentist said, "Ok, that's the first one done." FIRST one?! Oh my god, that took forever! The second one was easier, but hour and twenty minutes in the dentist's chair was not exactly my idea of fun. The visit, combined with the hair, also pretty much saw the end of my spending money for this month, if not next month's too! Fun factor: 0.
Cosmetic maintenance was not complete, as I decided to see about getting my eyebrows waxed. I didn't have an appointment, and the woman who greeted me at Queen's Park Beauty fretted about whether she could fit me in before her next appointment before abruptly declaring, "Come on, let's go!" It wasn't a minute after I lay down that we heard the bell on the door ring - it was her next client. There are quite a few things out there for which I wouldn't mind being rushed; waxing is not one of them. As the lower right side of my face gradually regained feeling, I started to doubt my sanity...hadn't I endured enough pain for one day already without torturing myself with hot wax?! The woman also kept bemoaning my blond eyebrows; I guess seeing them was more difficult and was therefore slowing her down. Fortunately I made it out of there alive, only losing a few eyebrow hairs in the process. Fun factor: 2.
Desperate to improve the day, I stopped off for a rare weekday full English breakfast at Jack's in Queen's Park. It was about 3:00 pm by that point so I was pretty hungry, and I had a quick glance at the paper while I waited. There was an article in the Times of particular interest. It's amazing how food can improve one's mood. Fun factor: 5.
A stop at the pharmacy and it was nearly time to head down to Ladbroke Grove to get Blake. Seeing his smile and picking him up were definitely the highlights of a generally lackluster day. Fun factor: 10.

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