Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trial Run, Day 2

In our future routine that begins next week, Tuesdays should see Matt taking Blake off to nursery around 7:30, so that Blake can dine on his morning Weetabix there and so that Matt and I can both try to be ready for the working world by 9:00. As I write it is 8:18, and Matt headed off about 45 minutes ago as planned. Blake is, however, still asleep! I decided this morning to wait to see how his diaper was before phoning the nursery to see whether I should bring him or not. Let's hope it's better...one of the "snags" from yesterday was that I had to put on a maternity top for lack of anything else clean to wear. I was able to get all my work trousers when we were in NC at Christmas but we ran out of time for me to get shirts/tops. One of the things on my long to-do list for this week was to shop for shirts - but this involves Blake actually being at nursery!

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