Monday, January 05, 2009

Sweaty palms, shortness of breath, dry mouth...fortunately it's just me feeling that

Day 1 with the baby whisperer has arrived. We seem to be on to something good with our own progress using the Ferber approach. Naptimes are still not very successful, and Blake ended up falling asleep in his lunch yesterday. The afternoon nap didn't work either, so it was a fairly early bedtime last night, but he then did fall asleep within only 1 visit and managed to sleep through until 4:10 a.m. I then went to give him a pat and he was back asleep by 4:40. The big surprise was that he then slept til 8:00! But this was by the by, really, since I already knew a bit of what lay in store for today. Today we would start working with Lin Elderkin, who has been a nanny and maternity nurse for over 25 years. 6 years ago she started offering a phone service and has helped up to 11 children a week, ranging in age from birth to 3 years. Two local mothers I know have used Lin to get their children into good sleeping habits so Matt and I decided that it was worth a shot. If it didn't work, or we didn't feel it was right, then we could always stop. Lin, however, was convinced that we wouldn't look back.
After breakfast Blake and I played but at 9:30 and then again at 9:45 I saw some yawning so at 9:50 a.m. Blake was back into his sleep sack for a nap. Having spoken to Lin earlier in the morning, I knew that the plan was to leave Blake in his cot until 12:00 p.m., going to check him at increasingly longer intervals. Fortunately I am already familiar with the routine or it might be too much for me to take in terms of listening to her advice. A big component of her plan, which we didn't have the heart to do on our own, is to get rid of the dummy/pacifier. Blake loves his paci so the question was, How badly would he miss it? The first period of leaving him was for 10 minutes, and then the harder part which was a 20-minute wait. After a call from Lin where she listened to Blake and could assess his crying, the new instruction was to leave him til 11:00! Oh my God - that is sooo long!!! At 11:00 I am to go in and give him some water and a cuddle. At this point I felt my heartbeat increase, so I had to ask the question in a very weak voice: "And we're sure this isn't causing any damage?" Fortunately (I think!?) she laughed and said that he would likely smile and laugh once I picked him up (which I know to have been the case over the past couple of days) but that tonight was going to be much easier, and that the daytime naps would also improve. She said she didn't expect him to nap this morning but that we would see progress each day and that he will be very content at the end of it. I for one need to make sure I have a glass of water at hand as my mouth is dry and I am sweating at having to listen to him . I guess I must remind myself of the saying that sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind (although I'm also just hoping that it simply feels cruel to me, but isn't actually...).

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