Thursday, January 08, 2009

The restorative power of sleep - or the energizing effect of progress?!

Yesterday at about 7:30 pm, I closed my eyes and could almost picture an evening routine that once seemed unimaginable: Blake going down easily to sleep, staying that way until he was renewed and restored - both mentally and physically - the next morning, and this part was still a little fuzzy, but definitely there on the horizon: Matt and I being able to occasionally - not very often even - but occasionally, go out for dinner or a movie and not worry that if Blake woke up, someone wouldn't be able to get him to go back to sleep. Under Lin's guidance (I'm trying to question less, and just go with it more, seeing as she hasn't yet been wrong about anything; bizarrely even sometimes predicting to the ounce how much milk Blake will have at either the morning, midday or evening feed!), Blake actually did sleep some in the afternoon, but at 4:30 I gently went into his room where he woke up and was very happy to see me. After dinner - Blake chowed down on broccoli cheese and pasta - we played a little and then it was time for his bath, books, and a bottle. There was a slight moment of panic when he spit up milk all down my shirt - but even I knew before talking to Lin that this was nothing to worry about - he'd just taken too much milk (Mom: this was definitely the situation; he is not ill and did not seem upset by this little spit-up). At 5:45 pm he was in his room, at 7:00 we heard a slight stirring but nothing too prolonged, and then I didn't hear any further peeps until 5:47 this morning!!! He then cried for a little while and then went back to sleep until about 7:30.
As you're reading this, you may be doing calculations in your head and wondering to yourself if that is too much sleep. I, and Matt, have of course asked this question too, but we are in "catch-up" mode according to Lin and once we get things sorted then Blake will tell us how much sleep he needs and will do that accordingly.
Starting Day 4 of the program, I actually felt rather exhausted, as I've sometimes experienced when I get more sleep after not having enough for a while. I'm also wondering whether a skincare company is about to knock on the door to see if they can photograph me as a case study of the effects of stress on your skin - I'm blotchy and spotty and generally looking less than beautiful!
So keep us in your thoughts as we persevere with the program. I'll now be off to clean the tv screen which I noticed in this photo is looking a little scummy with tiny handprints.

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