Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I've been thinking a lot over the past couple days about memory: what we remember, what we forget, when our earliest memories are. It actually started even before the Sleep Improvement Program, when I was trying to recall what I'd done for the Millenium New Year's. With all the hype about that hugely important date, I couldn't actually place where I'd been or what I'd done.
I have been in the habit for a while of keeping all my yearly day-planners, so I had a quick rummage around in my "box of sentimental stuff" (some readers may know exactly what I mean by know the box of "stuff" that you can't throw away that holds things like concert ticket stubs, notes, the bottle cap that you wanted to save for a reason but now can't remember what it's from, etc. Matt hates these boxes of mine - ok, I have several - but as a sentimental person I can't get rid of them!). I could remember all my NYE's since I moved to London, but the couple of years preceding were missing from my mind. I found a couple of old planners and was able to add 2 more years to my memory bank. So here's a question: for how many New Year's Eves can you remember what you did?
Mine were (if you were there and need to correct me please do!):
2008-2009: Home watching tv, London
2007-2008: Hogmenay party at Chris and Anna's
2006-2007: Home cooking and using various wedding cutlery and crockery, London
2005-2006: Borderline, London (then extremely long night bus trip to get home)
2004-2005: Party at Chris and Anna's [nb: when I looked at the photos afterwards I realized that I'd worn the same red top for New Year's Eve the year before...!! Argh!!! Gives you some insight into the depth of my wardrobe as well as my memory]
2003-2004: Westbourne Studios, London
2002-2003: Bond fancy dress party at Will and Raina's
2001-2002: think it was a party at Claire Suggitt Hines' house in Surrey Quays
2000-2001: can't remember! May have been in NC
1999-2000: think it was a Bond party on Cape Cod with Cindy B. and her friends

Anyway, just thought I'd get it down so that in 2, 5, or 10 years when I can't remember, there will be a record.
And now I'll return to worrying that next week some journal of health will release the results of a study that finds there will be soon be ways to remember your early days of infancy and toddler-hood (which has been one thing that's made the controlled crying easier - people reminding me that Blake won't remember any of it!)

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Marisa said...

Too funny--Kyle and I did this same thing (come up with all the NYE's we had spent together) as we drove up to NH for NYE 2008-09!