Friday, January 23, 2009

Meditations on the state of the kitchen

The latest installment of our NW and S/SE London Book Club saw us reading a novella by a Canadian author called All My Friends are Superheroes. Tom, the book's protagonist, has been put under a spell that makes him invisible to his wife, a "superhero" known as The Perfectionist, and he has only a short plane ride to somehow convince her to see him. It is cute and quirky, sometimes corny and overdone, a short love story interspersed with brief descriptions of wacky but normal superheroes whose familiarity resonates with the reader (e.g. THE COUCH SURFER: Empowered with the ability to sustain life and limb without a job, steady companion, or permanent place of residence, the Couch Surfer can be found roaming from couch to couch of friends' apartments all across the city). In our discussion on the book, Becks, the leader, of course asked the question, "What would your superhero name be?" as well as "What would you like your superhero quality to be?" I said mine were The Note Writer (for my obsessive-compulsive habits related to stationery and correspondence), and the one I would like to be - Cosmetically Attentive Girl. [My usage of makeup is definitely going to have to increase in the coming weeks as I go back to work, but generally, I just also wish I were a bit handier with the ol' eyeliner and foundation...]
Chris (whose idea it was to form the book club, and who is therefore acting Chairman), described his current superhero quality as "Blank Mind Man", which I have been thinking a lot about since he told us about this amazing ability of his. Evidently years ago on a school trip to a meditation center, he learned how to basically clear his mind of any thought, helpful for when he needs to get to sleep, block out worries, etc. I've been thinking about how what a wonderful skill that could be and wonder if I should think more about meditation, or find out how to learn the ability to get to that calm and stress-free state of mind.
This morning I got Blake down to the nursery at 9:15, and he cried before we even got through the door, and was crying when I left. I decided that with a week to go before needing to fit into work clothes, I would forego a trip to Lisboa Patisserie and instead have come home ready to occupy my mind with doing a deep clean of the flat. I will be starting with the kitchen, where the remnants of too many of Blake's meals linger in the nooks and crannies. Too bad my superhero quality isn't an ability to snap my fingers and have a sparkly clean kitchen! Next best would definitely be the ability to block out any thoughts of my little boy bawling his eyes out as he saw me going out the door...

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Hollogram said...

I could teach you. In fact I could do classes in QP and I could start wearing ethnic clothes and stripey trousers and wear beads in my beard (beard beads).

Guru Pendse x