Friday, January 09, 2009

It's always nice when it's Friday

The below contains an ER spoiler

Whether you go into an office or not, there's something very nice about waking up and realizing it's Friday. For one thing, that's our rubbish and recycling day so I love the cathartic nature of putting out the recycling on Thursday night, to have it all swept away by the next morning. Of course it's also nice to think that the weekend is so very close, and this week especially I know that tomorrow and Sunday are going to be sweet.
One of the aspects of this week's program has been that Blake has been going to sleep by 6:00 pm at the latest, and then being left pretty much til about 8:15-8:30 am in his cot. Sadly for Matt, this has meant little to no time with Blake this week. Lin has assured me this is temporary, and I have in turn assured Matt that he will get to see Blake eventually (I've also reminded Matt that he has not been missing much of anything pleasant in the daytime!). So tomorrow will be nice. By the way, I clarified with Lin that she thinks of herself more as a "baby whisperer" than "SuperNanny", and based on her intuition and the fact that everything is indeed working just as she said it would, I trust whatever she says!
Oh, you're probably wondering about how the sleep went last night...? I thought you might be! Blake went down about 6:00 pm, woke for 10 minutes at 10:45 pm but then went back to sleep, and then with some only minimal wakings at 1:27, 2:02, 5:22, and 6:33, he then went on until 7:45 this morning. Most comforting for me was the fact that this morning he has been so sweet and cute, playing like his usual self but also just generally seeming very happy and pleased to be getting more sleep. Never thought I'd say it....
I actually feel a lot better today too. Last night was a bit of an exercise about the perils of tv when combined with an emotional basketcase viewer: first off I cried during the coverage of the conflict in Gaza during the Channel 4 news. I lodged my first-ever complaint with Ofcom, the television watchdog, because despite the images they showed being deeply disturbing (Israeli soldiers prevented ambulances getting through to a bombed house where children were found starving next to their dead mothers), there was no warning before the segment that viewers might find the images upsetting. The worst thing was that for the next news piece - about England naming Andrew Strauss as cricket captain - they did warn that the report contained flash photography! I understand they have to do that for photosensitive epileptics, but they really failed in my opinion on the Gaza report. I've since looked at the Broadcasting Code and Channel 4 probably didn't need to give any verbal warning, but I think other channels do so I may just start watching the news elsewhere (or, not at all - ignorance is bliss).
Anyway, in its 15th season, this is ER's final series, and having enjoyed it over the years, I decided I would in fact watch the opening episode. Perhaps I should have taped it and watched it when I was less emotional, because in the episode Dr. Pratt dies, and this just basically tore me apart. I was sobbing on the couch! Matt had to come in from the bedroom to see what was going on and console me; poor guy, I don't know that he'll ever understand how I can be so sensitive when watching tv shows!
With some slightly puffy eyes this morning, I have treated myself to putting on some makeup as we might get to go out a bit later to see some of our friends. Blake is now asleep for his morning nap (I typed that with an expression of disbelief, joy, and relief on my face) and Lin has called to say she won't disturb us til a little before 12:00 in case I want to get some rest too.
Lin told me yesterday that a mother of a 16-month-old had just started with her yesterday, so I'm very sorry for them all that they won't get much of a weekend. I will certainly be thanking Lin for what look to be a couple of really happy days ahead for us.

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