Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First big day at nursery!, what's that annoying noise?! Oh, it's the alarm!! Right, moving into action - Blake's first real day at nursery!
Last night I headed down to Sainsbury's at about 9:00 pm to get all the needed supplies for nursery life - formula, Weetabix, brand-new bibs and cups. It reminded me of times when my own mother would go out late in the evening on errands- when I got old enough I would watch down the road for the lights of her car, hoping that she would be the next person to drive down the street. I imagine that she must have felt what I felt last night - grateful for a brief moment alone to think and run through events of the day, but also on a mission to buy supplies, groceries, stuff for school (for her classes or for me). At least late in the evening things are less busy so that I was able to get in and out of the store in about half an hour.
This morning came all too soon for my body clock now accustomed to a lot more unbroken sleep! Blake had his bottle and breakfast as quickly as I could get them down him, and I managed to dress him with him crawling only into the next room.
It just so happened that Blake's undershirt from last night was his Dartmouth t-shirt. Hopefully a good sign in terms of the years and years of schooling he has ahead!
I just phoned the nursery and they say he's fine. I've been pleasantly surprised that I haven't even really felt tearful today; must have got it all out on Monday! I hope that he, and President Obama, are enjoying their first days!

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