Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day 3 and it seems quieter 'round these parts

Day 3 with the SuperNanny broke, with once again my waking up before Blake! I had kept a little pad beside my bed to record the wake-up times (2:02, 4:55 and 6:00), but again we did not have to actually get out of bed to do anything before Blake put himself back to sleep. Could it be that true progress is being achieved?!
Having woken up at 7:30, Blake is now down for a nap, which over the past two days did not actually even involve any real sleeping that I could detect. I think today he has at least slept for various intervals since he went into his cot. I hardly dare wonder again, are we getting somewhere?! I think we just might be...!!
Last night there were a few tears as I continued to worry about him, but then I also had a realization about another reason I might be a bit sad at the whole thing: he is growing up, and this is an exercise at teaching him independence. Since the very early sleepless days, I've had lots of people tell me that the sleep problems will pass and I will forget how tiring it is to get broken sleep, and that one day he'll be all grown up and it will be impossible to remember this phase which is really short-lived in the grand scheme of things. My little baby will always be my little baby, but I guess this week is one where he's learning that his mother loves him very much and wants him to be able to do things for himself. Not the easiest of lessons but important nonetheless.

Here is a photo from the end of Day 2 so that Granny Karla can be reassured we're ok...

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