Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Control, or the lack of it

Earlier this morning while Blake had a short nap, I started to write this post. Here is what I wrote:

In a previous post, I used the term "Sleep Improvement Program" to describe what we are doing with Lin, the baby whisperer. I now realize I should use the term "Life Improvement Program"!

I didn't get to finish writing, because Blake woke up and it was his lunchtime. But basically, you might surmise from that start, things are going well with his sleep and routine (last night, down at 6:00 pm, woke once in the night but not sure when because I went right back to sleep, and then awake at 8:15 this morning!).
The subject of this blog is now going to be about how you really just don't know what's around the corner, or going to happen in the next minute, hour, day, month...and how it's often totally out of our hands.
So Blake had a lovely little sleep this morning and I got him up for lunch. One of the things that has been great since we started working with Lin is that his appetite has been amazing - he has been eating tons (and as Matt says, because he's hardly doing anything but eating and being in his cot, he must be putting on weight because he's not expending any energy...a bit of an exaggeration on the activities front since he does get some time out of his cot to play, but with some truth to it. Let's just say Blake has seemed really healthy recently, which is nice!).
Back to the story, he went into his highchair and out comes a beautiful freshly-prepared meal: cubes of steamed butternut squash, parsnip and apple mash, along with one of his favorites, avocado. If this were a movie, the soundtrack would now include that dramatic sound of a record scratching, because he then proceeded to either spit everything out, smack the bowls out of my hand sending the food flying onto the floor and my jeans, or make windshield-wiper sweeping motions across the tray spraying the remaining food particles all over the floor and into the deepest darkest cracks of the kitchen. I then resorted to a jar of some spaghetti type stuff, which was mildly more successful for about 3 bites. Oh yes, the drink cup was tipped all over the place too - liquid was included in this boycott.
Finally, I managed to get a yogurt down him (if he'd refused that I might have been really worried, as he is nearly usually ready to lick the container clean), and he then scurried off to play one of his 3 electric pianos, perfectly happy it seemed.
During all this, the only thing I could think of was how tiring it was, and this on a full night's sleep!
At any rate, he's gone back for his afternoon nap now, and I guess my point is, isn't it funny how quickly things can change. I went from feeling this morning like a totally rested, organized mother to feeling like I had no control over anything. And I can imagine that this feeling might come more often as that willful little boy gets more rest and therefore has more energy to express himself!

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