Sunday, January 18, 2009

The butterflies of the first day of school!

This time last year, I was fretting about a nursery: the one that Baby Lyons would sleep in. Did it seem loving, peaceful and fun? Would it stimulate the baby during all the times we would spend in there playing, learning, and enjoying time together? Would it calm the baby before naptimes and bedtime, being a haven of serenity for both mother and baby? The answer in reality is that it's been Blake's bedroom. We haven't spent all that much time in there, and much of the time I've spent in there with him has been in full or nearly-full darkness, so that I couldn't admire the sage green mirror I carefully and lovingly painted, or the Babar hot air balloon print I had framed with such satisfaction....although I often remark to myself that despite still liking the rug, it could really do with being vacuumed more often!
Tonight, I'm fretting about a nursery, but this time it's the one that Blake will go to for an hour tomorrow morning, for the first of two "settling-in" sessions he'll have before starting full-time on Wednesday! Will they feed him, change him, give him a sip of water if he seems thirsty? The answer should be yes. Will they care for him, teach him, entertain him, tolerate him? Hopefully yes. Will they love him as much as Matt and I do? It'd be nice to say yes, but that would be impossible. In the latest installment of "Our Baby Grows Up", I'm sure tomorrow is going to be harder on me than on Blake. I just hope I can keep tears to a minimum.

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