Saturday, December 13, 2008

A few days at Granny Lyons' house

We just spent a few days at Granny Lyons' house where Blake discovered pianos and satsumas. There was also a whole new set of kitchen cabinets to explore; unfortunately about an hour before we left, he somehow slithered between the two of us and managed to pull out - and break - a lovely serving dish. We hope that a grandmother's love is unconditional!
We are soon headed off to North Carolina where Granny Karla and Grandpa John await (Granny Karla with bated breath, Grandpa John with trepidation about the havoc Blake is going to wreak in the house!). Not sure how postings will work but we will aim to do a DwL Christmas message, a bit like the Queen's on Christmas Day. It will be my first Christmas in Hickory since 2004 - my how much has changed since then?! Wish us luck on the flight...Blake and I are off on our own and Matt comes the week after. I'm hoping for an empty plane and/or kind and hearing-impaired passengers.

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