Wednesday, November 12, 2008

P. White ("Toothy") Lyons, I

DwL, in conjuction with Leighton Gardens Dentistry, is pleased to announce the arrival of P. White ("Toothy") Lyons, I. Toothy broke on the scene today after several days in the closely-guarded oral laboratory of Jr-Dentist-in-Residence, Blake J. Lyons. Chief Dentist, Dr. Mom, had this to say: "We are delighted to have Toothy finally with us. Toothy's arrival heralds a new era in the life of our Jr Dentist. We can now also attribute some of Blake's recent changes in temperament to Toothy's emergence. " Unusually, Toothy arrived on the lab's upper level, as opposed to the lower as is most common in young junior dentists. Dr. Mom continued: "Toothy I is just the start. But it certainly signals an end to the nose-biting of our Sr. Lab Technician - gums are one thing but Toothy's another!" Jr. Dentist Lyons has a cold (see nasal area in photo for evidence) and was unavailable for comment.

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