Monday, September 22, 2008

Back with 100th post!

It's been a while since I've written, but Blogger tells me this is the 100th post to DwL - what a way to mark a comeback.

Let's see, what's happened since I last posted...?

Blake donned a gown and got baptized at All Hallows by the Tower; we visited the lovely village of Horseheath, Becca Harrison's hometown; thousands flocked to Queen's Park Day where there was a show by Britain's 5th strongest man as well as some exciting birds of prey; Kate Kenney and Tom Shingler welcomed their daughter, Clara Grace, into the world; our niece Emma turned one; we saw the Archbishop of Canterbury preach yesterday at All Hallows; and Blake has been growing leaps and bounds.
Here he is not liking peas.

Happy wedding anniversary today to Jamie and Diane, although I am not sure they are DwL readers.
Hope to be back with some more pics soon.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Granny and Grandpa "US" arrive!

We picked up Granny Karla and Grandpa John at Gatwick this morning, complete with welcome sign and all.

Now, while everyone is napping (apart from perhaps the person who needs it the most! - ?), I have just had a sneak at the "Sweet and Sticky" set list and am VERY excited to see that Madge does Like a Prayer on this tour.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another "spot" at Sainsbo's

This time on the baby aisle (good thing I had Blake with me so that I had a legitimate reason to be there or I would have looked even more like a bored sad person who gets excited at seeing celebs). Another Jamie, this time tv presenter Theakston.
I think I'm going to give up with the camera phone thing and just report any further spots and you'll have to just trust me - in the photo I think he sees what I'm doing and the poor guy was just out for a grocery shop with his family, so in retrospect I felt bad for trying to take the photo on the sly. Although I think you'll agree that at least it's a much better attempt than my last one of Jamie Cullum's legs...

Will and Raina back from travels!

Before Sunday, the last time we'd seen Will and Raina was when I was still pregnant, and they had not yet met Blake! They arrived back on Saturday from 6 months of amazing travels and now are back in Blighty for some catch-up time with all of us who have missed them before they head back to Australia and settle down to reality. They look very relaxed, a bit like they've been on vacation for 6 months, which they have been! Here they are with their Godson...Blake was rather taken with Will (although he was probably just plotting how to remove Will's glasses from his face in the shortest possible time). They also brought a cool stuffed koala (named "Kevin") from Oz. Kev has just a bit more hair than B.

Reinforcements on the way!

So it's quite good timing that Granny and Grandpa arrive from the US on Thursday; I need a break! Blake is quite the little mover and shaker, and wriggler and wrestler (and hair puller and inadvertent face puncher). Yet somehow I still can't dislike him in the morning even after waking up with him at least twice in the night! Thursday we had the first real pulling himself up attempts, and by Friday morning he had stood up in his crib, much to my complete shock (and his too, I think - he looks a bit surprised, along with guilty, in the photo). Do not worry, Granny Karla, we lowered the mattress right away so that he won't fall out...Unfortunately, he has knocked his head on the floor a few times after he pulls himself up and then topples over, but he never seems to remember it and just keeps trying later on.