Monday, June 30, 2008

Meg's celebrity spot-ometer shoots through the roof!

I notoriously NEVER see famous people. Some people just happen to live above them, or see them at their local coffee shop, or walk by them in the street and recognize them as being celebrities. I am not one of these people! I never seem to ever be in the same timezone as them, it seems. So I am thrilled to report that I have seen not one, but two!, celebrities in the space of about 10 days! Last Friday it was Heidi Klum walking along the Hudson River in NYC (even then, with 3 paparazzi preceding her, I still needed help identifying who it was), and then today it was Reese Witherspoon and her son in Notting Hill. I could hardly believe it. I'm curious to see if my luck will continue...

US Trip - Pictures coming soon

We're back from Blake's inaugural trip to the US - pics will be posted soon (Meg got a new camera while we were there, so there are many many photos!). A couple of highlights were:
- Blake being an angel on both flights, and sleeping for at least half of each of them and hardly making a peep when he was awake
- meeting Grandpa John, who enjoyed receiving a photo tie with Blake's photos all over it
- meeting the Dartmouth "aunties" in Hanover for our 10th reunion, and watching his first ever pong game (bit too young to play!)
- being read to and rocked by Granny Karla
- looking at the birds with Granny Lyons and Peter
- meeting the adorable Zekiya Hagon and sucking her toes within 3 minutes of sharing her playmate
- meeting lots of great Great Aunts and Uncles (Ned, Jim, JoAnne, and Nancy; we wished we could have seen Bill and Sue)

It was a good couple of weeks, with friends, family, and sunshine for the most part!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wow, what a cutie

Ready to be smothered with kisses from Granny Karla...