Sunday, January 27, 2008

36 weeks - countdown is on!

Will and Raina had their leaving do last night at the Island, conveniently just a 5-minute walk from our flat. Although it would have been a nice venue to stumble home from, I was on water (although I did treat myself to half a lager shandy early in the evening...sigh, it tasted good!), but it was still nice to be able to amble home, since that's the speed at which I can walk these days. Everyone had a very jolly time even though we're all sad that Will and Raina are leaving us to go Down Under! They leave on Sunday and NW10 is not going to be the same without them...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who ate Matt's basketball?

This week is the week in my pregnancy when it became difficult to tie my shoes due to the size of my belly. One night as I struggled to heave myself off the sofa, an image came to mind of a fancy dress party that a group of us had the week before our wedding. We were in Topsail, NC and the theme of the party was "America!". With limited budgets to spend on costume accessories at Wal-Mart (America personified), each of us came up with his/her own idea of what the ideal costume should be. My dear husband chose to be a basketball player, and just recently I have thought a lot about a photo we have of him grasping his mini basketball. I didn't eat it, I promise!
I am also trying to renew some Photoshop techniques - Raina, I managed this all on my own using only the Photoshop Help menu!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coming soon to a street near you!

Regular readers of DwL will know that several months ago I passed the theory portion of my driving test. This past Friday was decision day - my practical test to see whether I would receive my license. I woke up on Friday and looked out the window, dismayed to see that it was a grey and rainy day. On the bright side, I thought there might be advantages to this and hoped that perhaps they're a bit more lenient on days of inclement weather and that other drivers might generally be a little less aggressive in the rain. We arrived at the test center and I met my examiner, a man named Wendell who reminded me of a polite, British version of a small NFL linebacker, and who calmly took me through how the test would play out. As we walked to the car he asked me how I would test that the brakes were working (this was a good start!- "spongy" and "slack" were words I remembered from the safety questions) and then I had to show how to confirm the headlights and taillights were working. So far, so good. We then headed off for some of the most tense 40 minutes of my life. I didn't do a stellar job on my parallel park, but I did manage not to end up miles away from the curb and with the steering wheel pointed straight. That was only about 8 minutes in and I really wasn't sure after we headed off again whether it was enough to have earned the "pass" mark. I realized as I drove off that my left leg was shaking pretty badly and that I was sweating profusely. The rest of the test was ok - my other manoeuvre was to reverse around a corner, which I felt pretty confident about. We went through several roundabouts and the only time I really cringed was when I sailed through a traffic light that had just turned yellow. At that point I thought I had blown it. Arriving back at the test center I was just so relieved that it was over, regardless of the result. Wendell announced that he needed a few minutes to total his results, and then he said, "Meg, I am pleased to tell you that you have passed." I immediately burst into tears (Wendell told me later that it's quite common for people to cry - a release of tension he said). I made 9 minor faults - 3 for undue hesitation which were likely from the roundabouts, but you are allowed up to 15 minor faults provided you don't do something dangerous. But overall, just the result I was hoping for! I can't recall a time in so long where I've worked so hard for something and had to go through the agony of the test, but I was sure happy that it all worked out. Now for some "P" plates and Meg's Taxi will be open for business!

Rapid expansion

The bump continues to grow! Here is a photo of me at 34 weeks. Saw the GP last week and Baby L still prefers his/her head near my ribs, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so things will move in the right direction. Now I just hope my clothes fit me for the duration...